WAREHOUSE Sterrato Featured On DuPont Registry

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We’re thrilled to announce that our club recently gained recognition in a DuPont Registry article, and we couldn’t be more excited to share this thrilling feature with all of you.

The spotlight was on our Lamborghini Sterrato, a beast of a machine that embodies an off-road attitude. These unique vehicles took center stage in the article, showcasing our love for adventure and high-performance vehicles.

One of the highlights of the feature was a video by the renowned YouTuber, SuperCarRon. The video captured our Sterrato and SuperCarRon’s vehicle sliding through the snowy mountains of Park City. The adrenaline-pumping scenes and the picturesque backdrop perfectly encapsulated the thrill and agility of these incredible machines in their natural element.

It’s moments like these that define our club—bringing together enthusiasts, embracing the extraordinary, and pushing the boundaries of automotive excitement.

We invite you to check out the full article on DuPont Registry’s website, where you can delve deeper into the story and witness the breathtaking footage captured by SuperCarRon.

Stay tuned for more thrilling adventures and exciting updates from our club. Let’s continue to drive the passion for cars to new heights!

Don’t miss out—watch the video here: Taking TWO LAMBORGHINI STERRATOS To Play In The SNOW!.

Keep the wheels spinning!