WAREHOUSE Attends Winter Open Weekends at UMC

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WAREHOUSE and Luxe participated in the Utah Motorsports Campus winter track days on January 23, 2020

Warehouse track days are some of our favorite days of the month! We are always excited to get out and experience our cars to their full potential and that is why we were so happy that we could hit the track with our members and our friends over at Luxe Automotive. We had a full day of track access and since the winter track days are on un-prepped surfaces we had the chance to run the track in the cold rain, which many of you know can be quite the challenge.

Aside from getting our laps in we brought the Sprinter van out and set it up right next to the track. This offered a great place to serve our hors d’oeuvres, sandwiches, and drinks. Having the opportunity to get lap time in and then relax and refuel for you next stint is one of the many perks WAREHOUSE offers to its members. All in all we had a blast and hope our members did as well and we are looking forward to the next WAREHOUSE track day event!