Shaan Puri “My First Million Podcast”

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“Soho House for dudes with a little grease on their hands”

In Late November of 2023, WAREHOUSE made its first podcat appearance on Shaan Puri’s “My First Million” Show. The episode covered unique and interesting ways for businesses and people to make their first million dollars. After first acknowledging our founder, TJ Parker, Shaan jumps into our club and talks about how interesting it is. He focuses on the amazing cars we have in the space along with the social aspect, highlighting the ability for like-minded enthusiasts to get together and form a community. Halfway through his discussion on the club he likens WAREHOUSE to SOHO House with a heavy focus on supercars. Shaan did a great job highlighting the club and helping spread the news of our opening, we appreciate him for choosing WAREHOUSE to jump in. Take some time to listen to his podcast and check out other interesting business ideas, the section on WAREHOUSE starts at the 19-minute mark.

My First Million Podcast