Lamborghini Sterrato Media Shoot

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Recap of our Lamborghini Sterrato Shoot in Swingarm City, Coalville, UT:

Our recent excursion to Swingarm City in Coalville, UT, with the Lamborghini Sterrato was nothing short of extraordinary. The rugged landscape provided the ideal backdrop for our off-road adventure, as we watched the Sterrato drift and slide gracefully through the dirt and dust.

We also had the privilege of exploring the same location where Ken Block shot his famous Terrakhana video, adding a sense of history and exhilaration to our own experience.

What truly astonished us all was the Sterrato’s remarkable off-road capabilities. It effortlessly conquered the challenging terrain, demonstrating that it’s more than just a high-performance street car; it’s a genuine off-road champion.

This shoot was a testament to the Sterrato’s power and agility, we thank all of the photographers and videographers who attended the shoot and helped us capture the Sterrato in its true environment.

Checkout the Full Sterrato Highlight Video